Terms and Conditions

By using (viewing information or ordering a service) our website (https://www.proofreadindia.com), you agree to abide by these Terms and Conditions.

Proof Read India Name and Website

The name Proof Read India, website https://www.proofreadindia.com and all material on this site are protected by international copyright and trademark law. Therefore, the website content cannot be used, copied or modified without the express permission of Proof Read India.

Confidentiality, Copyright and Protection of Intellectual Property

Proof Read India protects your copyright and our clients retain sole copyright, ownership and control over all materials and documents submitted to us for services provided. We will not provide third-party access to your work under any circumstances. All copies of the client’s work will be removed from our computer system within 90 days of job closure.

Plagiarism Policy

Proof Read India in no way condones breaches of copyright or plagiarism and has no responsibility for detecting or reporting plagiarized material.


Proof Read India will provide a refund under certain circumstances. Once an editor begins work, orders placed with Proof Read India cannot be cancelled and no refund will be provided. However, if the editor has not yet begun work, we will provide a full refund. Our decision shall be final and binding.

Limitation of liability

Proof Read India strives to provide the highest quality editing and proofreading services to its customers and has developed quality assurance procedures to this end. However, we do not warrant that the end document will be accurate, complete, reliable, current or error-free.

Our contractors provide advice on changes which are the author’s responsibility to accept, reject or further amend. The content of any finished work is therefore entirely the responsibility of the author.

Proof Read India or any of its contractors are not liable for any damages whatsoever as a result of our editing or proofreading services.

Complaints Process

If a client is not satisfied with the editing or proofreading provided by Proof Read India, the customer shall contact us within 30 days of receipt and provide details of their complaint. Proof Read India will verify that we have received your complaint, and then investigate and correspond with you to resolve any problems. We guarantee to solve the client’s complaint as soon as possible. Our decision shall be final and binding.